What good is the Outdoors?

There are many benefits to being outdoor, we have all heard that before. However a lot of us don’t actually know the benefits of being outside regularly. Here’s some information to help you look after yourself.

Being out doors allows you to breath fresh air. Fresh air is great for our respiratory system, getting the oxygen flowing and boosting our cells helps strengthening and cleanse us. A Stanford-led study finds quantifiable evidence that walking in nature could lead to a lower risk of depression. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, found that people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural area, as opposed to participants who walked in a high-traffic urban setting, showed decreased activity in a region of the brain associated with a key factor in depression.

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban settings, and that is forecast to rise to 70 percent within a few decades. Just as urbanization and disconnection from nature have grown dramatically, so have mental disorders such as depression.In fact, city dwellers have a 20 percent higher risk of anxiety disorders and a 40 percent higher risk of mood disorders as compared to people in rural areas. People born and raised in cities are twice as likely to develop schizophrenia.

This is also important for children. A survey contucted with 2,000 eight-to-12-year-olds for the TV channel Eden suggested that a large percentage wouldn’t be able to identify an owl, a big majority of children play indoors more often than out. The distance kids stray from home on their own has shrunk by 90% since the 70s; 43% of adults think a child shouldn’t play outdoors unsupervised until the age of 14 which is fair enough with all the danger we hear about however more children are now admitted to British hospitals for injuries incurred falling out of bed than falling out of trees.

Soaking in some sun rays help Vitamin D to reach our bones, strengthening our body’s immune system and nervous system.  Sunrays also help with depression and the way we think. It makes generally happier and full of energy.

Any form of outdoor exercise such as walking the dog, going for a run, strolling to work, is also a lot better than indoor activites such as going to the gym.  Being out doors is also a with stress reduction, it doesn’t even have to be for long periods of time. You could take a regular break, sit in the garden, enjoy lunch picnic or lunch on a bench. You could also garden or just spend some time out walking. Relaxing in the sun helps us look after ourselves and reconnecting to nature and ourselves. It also has a huge effect our emotional health.


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